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Saying Goodbye To Brooke Burk of Gay Visalia

In this line of "work", we often meet people that have a big impact on us. We work closely with these people on projects and often develop friendships. When I first started working in this community I met one such person who did become my friend, Brooke Burk of Gay Visalia. Brooke, in so many ways, helped fashion the work I do here in Hanford. She was always willing to lend a hand in the projects we worked on here in our community, often times, even coming here from Visalia to help in person. Brooke worked with us here during the months just before and the months following the passing of Prop 8 by assisting us with the supplies and contacts needed to hold our rallies and phone banks. She has helped us consistently over the past 5 years, mentoring us for events and in the development of our Softball Team, advising us and being a much needed friend to me, as well as, Kings Co as a whole. She started the first South Valley Pride event, Family Fest, 4 years ago. She worked hard on that project to provide Kings and Tulare Co. with a Pride event we could call our own. It was a much needed event in our conservative area, it was an event where we could be proud of who we are and spend an afternoon enjoying the company of family.

Having said that, it is with great sadness that I type this, Brooke has decided to step down as Division Leader of Gay Visalia. Her absence will be deeply felt, for she not only made an impact in Visalia, but here in Hanford as well. She was a wonderful leader in her community and an amazing friend to ours. I want to wish Brooke all the best. We will miss working with you Brooke, but you will always be our friend!