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Final Day Of Decision -Hanford, Porterville and Fresno

Day of Decision



Tonight we will celebrate as a community at 5:30pm at the fountain in Civic Park across from Superior Dairy. DOMA has been struck down and Marriage Equality has returned to California. We have a lot to celebrate! Get some ice cream from Superior Dairy, meet us at the fountain and we will discuss the rulings and we will open up the floor to the community to share whatever you want to share. Bring your chairs, blankets, rainbow flags and your friends and family and lets celebrate as a community!


At 5:30 tonight, there will be a rally in front of the Porterville City Counsel. There will be celebrations about these wonderful Marriage Equality decisions. If you are in the Visalia/Porterville area, make sure to join this important celebration in Porterville.  


At 6pm, outside the Fresno City Hall, A rally will be held. It will feature an analysis of the Prop 8 and DOMA decisions, gay and lesbian couples who wish to marry, and a diverse array of local community leaders and speakers. If your in the Fresno area don't miss the chance to celebrate in your community.